Challenges Economists Had Before the Technology Age

136We have accepted that research is the foundation of solutions and the mother of innovation. Mathematical and statistical explorations are like the crystal balls—recognizing a pattern in gathered data enables us to foresee what might happen and how prevent it, especially if it is negative.

This is what economists do on matters especially concerning production. From the pool of variables, infinite possibilities may arise, not all of them good. It is their job to determine how to manipulate variables to make sure nothing goes out of control—money is on the line, after all, and with the large-scale production that economists have to study, the smallest mistake could cost the most.

One might easily say, “It’s all just numbers.” But at the point in time when calculators and formulas were not yet devised, it was every man for his own. Times now are very different, what with computing devices easily purchased as school supplies. Before technology became so deeply-ingrained in human life, it wasn’t as simple as inputting the numbers and hitting the equals key.

To better understand and appreciate economists and the progress they have caused sans the sophisticated computing equipment, here are a few of the tasks that were included in their job description.

Research and Analysis

To truly grasp the weight of their tasks, here are only a few of the many other variables that economists have to look into:

  • Raw materials and supplies, demand for product, time and cost of creating product, cost of hiring workers or operating machines
  • Cost of product distribution, cost of product, difference between the expenditures and the revenue
  • Finances and all money-related aspects of the area of specialization


Imagine having to collect all that data without the equipment we have today, manually writing down the numbers while staying accurate.Further, imagine having to put all those elements together without the use of a calculator. Of course, not everything can fit in a page and rounding off is necessary, but accuracy is then compromised.
Economists also had to present the findings in a way that non-mathematically-inclined individuals can understand. They had to do the illustrations themselves, plotting and graphing possibly hundreds of values just to make sense of them.

Another challenge they faced was organizing their records and retrieving them in the most efficient way possible—which, in retrospect, may not have been so efficient.

Because of the lack of technological aid, it took a long time for economists to finalize their findings. By the time it is presented to the concerned people, the trends may matter significantly less. So it was also a time-pressured job.

Modern Times

There is so much more to being an economist than the mere manipulation of numbers. When the data has been graphed and the recommendations have been heard, it does not really end there. This is why we should be thankful for now being able to purchase the best graphing calculator for the simplest of requirements.

Technology has mobilized us in a way our forefathers never thought possible, so we ought to make the most out of it, and utilize as much as we can for positive and productive purposes.

The Most Influential Figures in America

In order to a country to change, it must have an influential people that can lead, affect or persuade millions of people. Speaking of an influential individual, America won’t be what it is today without the help of influential people. These personas are became a huge part of massive events that changed the future of America.

Thomas Jefferson

He was the primary author of the declaration of independence. This gave the American citizens freedom and rights. He’s also the one who passed the statue of Religious Liberty in Virginia, which gave freedom of worship.

Benjamin Franklin

He encouraged diverse number of colonies to join together during the war of independence and helped forged bonds. He then became an American ambassador to France. This helped cement United States relationship to foreign lands.

George Washington

He was the first US president. In addition to that, he was the commander in chief of American forces during war of independence. They lost some battle against the British forces but his tactical skills helped the Americans win the battle.

Abraham Lincoln

His assassination brought a lot of change into America. Not only that, he was the one who led the union into a civil war in order to prevent split between states in the north and south. He also passed a bill to end slavery in the United States.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

He’s a topnotch poet, Transcendentalist and influential philosopher. He embraced no fixed principle; however, he developed thoughts of opportunity, nature and the potential outcomes of man.

Susan Anthony

She was a campaigner for social equality and women’s suffrage. She was the one who helped to allow women to cast their votes.

Harriet Beecher Stowe

She was an author who helped to further the anti-slavery development. Her book ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ delineated life under servitude and helped to prepare general opinion in the north against slavery.

Thomas Edison

He was a standout amongst the most productive inventors ever. He served to introduce the electricity revolution, inventing the electric light and giving one of the first residential power networks on the planet.

Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt was the US President from 1932 to 1945. He was in charge of managing an extension of the national government has he tried to moderate the impacts of the Great Depression in the 1930s. At first, he kept America out of World War 2; however, he arranged land lease deal for Great Britain. After Pearl Harbor, he took the United States into war against both Germany and Japan.

There are still a lot of influential people in the US. Most of them helped shape America into what it is today. Without their deeds, America won’t be what it is today.

Historical Events that Changed America

America won’t be what it is today if not for the past historical events that happened in it. The world changed, evolved, improved and became a different place thanks to different events that took place, our civilization changed and evolved into what we are right now. However, we won’t focus on global events that triggered an internationally acclaimed change; we will focus on one of the most powerful or probably the most powerful country, United States of America.

Let’s start.

Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

It was March 4, 1865, roughly more a month before the date of his assassination, former US president Abraham Lincoln is giving his famous inaugural speech titled “Charity for all”. It’s only natural for an event as big as this to have a lot of photograph, and on one of the photos, his would-be assassin, John Wilkes Booth is seen, standing behind him on the balcony.

Booth considered Lincoln as the root cause of destruction of the South and he decided that Lincoln must pay for his crimes and should die. Therefore, on the night of April 14, 1865, he carried hi assassination plan. He leaped to the stage and shot Lincoln to the back of the head using a .44 caliber Philadelphia Deringer gun. This happened during a performance of Our American Cousin.

The Civil War

This war resulted to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The resulting amount of death, chaos and destruction has driven many to the depths of pain, vengeance and hatred. This war split America into two, and though it has ended hundreds of years ago, the pain and scar can still be traced until today. Slavery ended during civil war, but racism still remains strong. The South’s economy was heavily damaged and many of its states aren’t fully recovered yet. This war costed thousands of death along with the death of a very important president.

The Moon Landing

This is a very famous event that was followed by not only the American citizens, but also the whole world. Though it has a massive effect on global level, this event became a part of American technological improvement. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their one giant step for man and mankind on July 20, 1969.

The 9-11 Attack

On September 11, 2001, the whole world was shocked by a massive terrorist attack that took the lives of thousands of people. It was done by one of the world’s largest group of terrorists, the Al-Qaeda. This made a huge shift in the way Americans look to the world. The collapse of the World Trade Center has brought one of the largest and most terrifying terrorist activity in the face of the world. It certainly brought a lot of pain and grief towards the Americans.